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We are real builders​

We build with our own crews-over 50 field people. We have one of the most capable self-performing capacities of any general contractor in California who specializes in our type of work . More than 60% of our yearly volume is self-performed work. We performed 150,000 manhours in 2002. We do concrete, carpentry, mechanical and water/ sewer treatment work with our forces. Teams are led by specialists in each area. We take pride in our high level of quality craftsmanship. Our deep bench strength allows us to meet schedules and commitments using our own people. We count on ourselves to provide momentum and enthusiasm to drive a project. Subcontractors are important and we use them frequently, but the buck stops with our people.

We are innovative and dynamic

We are especially innovative in the field where small ideas and creative approaches can pay big dividends. We have built our success on solid field capabilities, but we recognize that we must sharpen and prove our self-perform capabilities every day. Whether it be special techniques, new equipment, or hard-learned procedures, innovation makes what we do fun and successful. We plan well and build efficiently to provide large cost savings. With a down-to-earth approach and a strong collaboration of experienced performers, we plan by second nature and build to that plan. We have high tech tools for seamless on-site / off-site data communication, all the latest in project scheduling and data management, and our special unique tracking, alert, and milestone guides.

Satisfying customers is what keeps us in business

Much of our work is for past customers. We have to earn an old customer just as we have to earn a new customer. We strive to be the first thought on the mind of the owner when he considers building again. With our diverse experience, we have historical and current building costs, proven techniques, and unique construction approaches which add great value to the project planning process. Our core values of honesty, integrity and fairness informs every decision.

We are a low cost/high value provider

90% of our work is competitively bid and won on the basis of low bidder. To be low bidder we have to use cost-effective methods, very productive people, superior project management and a team of cost-effective subcontractors. Our competitive approach is brought to private and negotiated projects. At the end of the day, we have to deliver a high level of quality at a very competitive cost or we do not deserve to be in business.



Gateway Pacific provides a complete tank construction service.  The company prefers no division of responsibility with respect to the tank structure itself.  As a consequence, tanks are as a rule built totally by Gateway Pacific, including wall footings, floor slab, circular wall,  roof, and other such appointments as are required for the structure.  By avoiding a division of responsibility, the consulting engineer and the owner can proceed with confidence that the tank will be built expertly and the responsibility for its performance will be clearly shouldered by Gateway Pacific.


Technological complexities. Fiscal constraints. Tight schedules. Ever-changing systems and construction methods. We meet these and other challenges every day. As engineers and constructors, we offer value engineering, fast-track design-build capabilities, innovative construction methods, and more -- all aimed at delivering projects that are successful by any standards.
Gateway Pacific has been building Water, Wastewater, and Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Plants since 1987. Projects have ranged in size from a few thousand MGD to over Twenty (20) Million MGD Plants. Gateway Pacific is  recognized for its ability to construct difficult, staged, treatment plant rehabilitation as well as enlargement projects.



These types of projects have included irrigation, sewage, recycled water, contaminated water, and domestic water. Pumping Plant types have included dry pit, wet pit, canned pump installations, booster pump, submersible pump, break away submersible, and packaged sewer pump stations and lift stations. Depths of excavations for pump plants have been up to fifty (50) feet deep. Materials of construction have included steel, pre-cast concrete, fiberglass and poured cast in place concrete. Gateway Pacific is recognized as a leader in constructing deep, wet and/or rocky pump stations as well as pump station rehabilitations and enlargement projects.


Gateway Pacific has created hundreds of acres of various types of wetlands. These Wetland Projects have ranged in size from less than a tenth of an acre to over several hundred acres. Wetland types have included vernal pools, seasonal swales, perennial marsh, seasonal marsh, and riparian habitat. Wetlands have been constructed both in the wet and in the dry. Gateway Pacific is among the top contractors in the region for wetland mitigation projects.​ 




Design-build is gaining increasing acceptance by public owners as an efficient, effective means of project delivery. Its primary advantages over the traditional design-bid-build method are three-fold: Substantial cost-savings can be realized; time-savings of as much as 20-30 percent can result when design proceeds along a fast track concurrent with construction; and a higher-quality project can be achieved when design and construction expertise are integrated.

Gateway Pacific is committed to providing effective, technologically advanced methods of Design-Build and Design-Assist project delivery methods. Design-Build provides a fast, economical solution for Gateway Pacific’s valued clients by creating a team committed to providing a constructible and economical project, in accordance with the client’s needs and schedule. Gateway Pacific has formed strategic alliances with engineering firms in these markets to provide the best possible responsive team for its valued clients.




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