Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc.

Experienced Professionals/Streamlined Operations/Team Approach​

From the earliest stages, projects receive the benefit of the Gateway Pacific team approach. Gateway Pacific is committed to providing direct access to our staff without unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. This team approach means that on-site experienced professional management can work directly with clients to bring about the best solution to a problem without needless delays or prevent one from happening.  Direct access to decisive management personnel and prompt action has been a cornerstone of Gateway Pacific’s operations and is key to its continued success.

Gateway’s clients become an integral part of the process.  Gateway works closely with each of our clients to develop the highest quality, most cost-effective solution to a project, from the construction of a small reservoir to a complex wastewater treatment plant. This integrated approach has served us well in the past. Gateway believes it will be even more important in the new millennium.

Financial Strength and Stability

Gateway’s success has been achieved in large part due to our attention to financial basics. We have skillfully invested in our own future by concentrating on those areas we know we can perform successfully. In addition, skilled management personnel carefully monitor the progress of every project, regardless of its size. This attention to detail has set Gateway apart from our competition and a strong financial player.
Gateway Pacific specializes in heavy, concrete, water treatment and wastewater treatment construction. Gateway Pacific is an experienced installer of a broad spectrum of industrial equipment including:

Hoisting systems

Chemical storage & feed systems


Grit collection systems

Chlorination systems



Filtration systems



Sludge dewatering & drying systems

Screening systems

Cooling towers

Large diameter valves and gates

Conveying systems    

Oxygen feed systems

Storage tanks....

and all other similar equipment which is associated with water purification, heavy, and industrial construction.  Gateway’s expertise includes installing ductile iron pipe, fabricated steel pipe, plastic pipe and various other types of piping systems. In addition, the placement of large volumes of structural concrete is one of the mainstays of the company.

Gateway’s Clients 
Gateway Pacific’s philosophy of meeting our clients needs by creating a safe workplace, a commitment to quality and schedule at a fair price has led us to have numerous repeat clients. Many of these clients include Gateway Pacific on their select, qualified, preferred bid lists.​

Gateway’s Team

Gateway Pacific staff size ranges between 40 to 80 employees, including 16 salaried personnel with over ten years of service with the company.  Gateway performs the majority of work with our own craftspeople and supervisors.  This work includes: sitework, earthwork, concrete, piping and mechanical equipment installation and start-up.  Gateway typically subcontracts reinforcing steel, masonry, painting, electrical and controls.  We have developed strong relationships with a number of key subcontractors and suppliers through fair dealings, keeping on schedule and paying on time.​


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